Thursday, August 14, 2008

Green Groceries

Since this whole 'green' movement has taken place, I thought I'd try to find canvas bags for grocery shopping. This proved not to be an easy task. I guess I'm too picky about the type of bag I would like to use. Being a short person, it's harder for me to carry one of those freebie tote bags with the long handles if it's fulled with tons of heavy things. Still searching for that.

But in the meantime, I found out about ecobags. They have tons of different bags made of all kinds of materials. The produce bags really caught my eye. I didn't know what to use except for re-using my old plastic ones. They have these great breathable, draw string canvas bags in various sizes, weights, and colors. I had to share about this! They're washable too.


Harmony said...

Check around etsy too - someone may make exactly what you need :)

Kateedyd said...

Thanks! That's a great tip...I forgot about looking there.

Mommy Mia said...

I have been searching too!! It is so hard to find the "perfect" bag!!
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