Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome Home!

Okay...I'm really excited about this. Although I don't get much time, I do like playing "Martha Stewart" once in a while. I love doing the crafts, gardening, cooking, baking, etc. I really only get to do it all once a year though.

So, I'm going to be sharing all the things I find that are fun, useful, not to mention fast and easy! Short cuts are "a good thing". LOL!

My first tip/recipe:

This is super fast! It's not exactly that healthy but will get the job done and you can serve it on or with salads or tons of veggies.

Deep Fried Pork Chops

2 cups Bisquick
1 package ranch dressing powdered mix
4-6 pork chops ~ boneless or bone-in
large gallon sized Ziploc bag
oil for frying
optional ~ salt, pepper, and dried parsley flakes

I don't actually "deep fry" these. I fill the pan I'm frying in until it would be about half way up the chops. You can add in/substitute the spices and flavors really easily too.

Mix together the Bisquick and ranch mix (and optional ingredients) in a bowl or something easy to lay a chop on.

Rinse the pork chops making sure they are really wet, and place in the Ziploc bag.

Heat the oil

Place one wet chop in the Bisquick mix, patting it firmly into the mix. Flip it over and do the other side. Leave it in there for a few seconds (to let the moisture help adhere the mix). You can flip it one more time before you put it in the oil.

Place in oil and fry until medium golden brown. Flip and repeat. Cooking time varies depending on thickness.

Repeat the above steps for the rest.

If you're not sure if they're done, to check them, press on one side. It should be firm but not extra firm (overdone). What I like to do is just under cook them and tent the ones to be eaten with foil while I cook the rest. This way if you have left-overs, when you reheat them, they won't be overdone.

See? Easy!!! Usually when I do this, it takes about 30-45 min. So total, including other food prep, maybe an hour? Hope you try it.


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